If you suspect that your headaches could be related to your eyesight, neurolens® might be the solution. Most patients with similar experiences struggle with Trigeminal Dysphoria, a misalignment in their vision that causes headaches, eyestrain, neck/shoulder pain, and more. This connection between the eyes and the brain led to the world’s first and only contoured prism prescription lenses: neurolenses.


Neurolenses by neurolens® add a contoured prism in order to bring the eyes into alignment. To determine whether you qualify for Neurolenses, the neurolens® measurement device is incorporated into your traditional eye exam. The device assesses your eye alignment /synchronization and measures how far your eyes are from where they should be. If you qualify, neurolenses can easily be added to your regular prescription

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Neurolens Relieves the Pain

Neurolens provides pain-relieving comfort for your
hardworking eyes. You’ve got vision correction, but do you have vision comfort? The headaches, eye strain, neck and shoulder pain and dizziness you may be feeling are caused by today’s increased demands on your near vision. Neurolens Contoured Prism lenses reduce painful symptoms and restore your naturally comfortable vision.


Eye Strain

Neck & Shoulder Pain



Dry Eye

Light Sensitivity

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Our Process

  • Eye Doctor Robertsdale AL


    You will complete a simple lifestyle questionnaire to help determine if Neurolenses are appropriate for you.

  • Eye Doctor Robertsdale AL


    The neurolens® Measurement Device provides an objective, repeatable, measurement to determine if you are a candidate. It is painless and takes less than 3 minutes to perform. You will simply stare straight ahead while focusing on a yellow target - the machine does the rest!

  • Eye Doctor Robertsdale AL


    Neurolenses are the first and only lens to provide contoured prism, which helps to alleviate symptoms of misalignment and provides relief to hard-working eyes.

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